Introduction to Act!



Comfort with Windows and with basic Internet services (browsing Web Pages, e-mail, reading newsgroups.)

Workshop topics include:

1)       Creating New Contacts   

a)       Navigating Through Contacts         

b)       Customizing Act! Contacts         

i)         New Fields 

ii)       Customizing Forms


2)       Groups      


3)       Scheduling Activities with Act!   

a)       Reviewing And Revising Activities         

b)       Printing Activities, Calendars And Tasks


4)       Outlook integration


5)       Communicating with Act!           

a)       Letters and Faxes  

b)       Printing letters & faxes

c)       Templates       

d)       Dial up 

e)       Notes  


6)       Sales        

a)       Sales Reports

b)       Completing the sale.


7)       Sharing Database files          

a)       Sharing a single file among users   

b)       Synchronization


8)       Act! Forms

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This page last updated on April 26, 2008