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MS Excel


Excel - level 1


Course objectives:

What do spreadsheets do? Getting started with excel, workbook basics, opening and saving a file, workbook navigation, selecting workbook areas

Entering and editing data

Copying and moving entries 

Autofill feature

Inserting and deleting cells, columns, rows, and worksheets      

Spell check      




-page set up 



Excel - level 2


Pre-requisites: Intro. to Excel Level 1

Linking worksheets/files

Absolute cell references




Introduction to data management

a)    Data list features

b)    Data entry

c)    Freezing panes

d)    Filtering data

e)    Sorting data

Automatic subtotalling

Pivot Tables



Excel Advanced - Level 3 


Protecting workbooks    

Consolidating and analyzing data        

  Consolidating data, goal seek and solver utilities , scenario manager

Advanced formulas              

  Names, if function and conditional formatting ,  the vlookup function  

Converting data     

Creating complex macros             

  Recording a macro/relative reference ,  running macros,  viewing and editing vba code,                programming a macro 

Templates and quick access toolbar  

Using graphic objects        

  Adding and formatting graphic objects              

Using comments       

  Excel comments, tips            

Using data tools:   

  Text to columns, remove duplicates,  data validation