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Introduction to Project


Pre-requisites:   Advanced Windows Skills or Windows Course


 1.      Interface, View Bar, Gantt Chart Entry Table, Indicators, Time, Predecessors, Resources, Other Fields, Other tables, Gantt Chart Time Scale, Task Bars, Mile Stone, Task Text, Link Line           

 2.      Creating a project
Project Information, Project Properties

 3.      Introduction to tasks.
Creating tasks, Duration, Start and finish dates, Resource Name, Milestones.

 4.      Subtasks, Editing Tasks
Insert a task, Creating Subtasks, Editing and deleting tasks, Adding notes

 5.      Creating a recurring Task, Dealing with work interruptions - Splitting tasks           

 6.      Linking Tasks Task Dependency:
Predecessors      , Lead and Lag Time, Lead-Lag Time, Task Dependency Type

 7.      Constraints, Linking Tasks

 8.      Resources:
Creating & Editing Resources, Allocating Resources, Changing Availability, Changing Work Schedule, Applying Costs

 9.      Managing the project
: Balancing Resources, changing the task schedule, Changing the Resource, Tracking progress, Save a baseline, Recording Work Progress, Adjusting the plan for changes in task duration.

 10. Reporting
Comparing to Baseline, Statistics in Project Information, Tracking Gantt on the View Bar, Select the Variance Table

 11. Completing a project