Software School

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Training and Consulting in Windows, PowerPoint, Publisher, QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, Office, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook.



Classes are taught by a member of the QuickBooks Professional Advisor Program

QuickBooks  - Introduction 


Prerequisites: Windows Skills

Course outline:

  1. Setup:
    Interacting with the program's menus and buttons
    Review account structure and reporting formats
    Set up a new chart of accounts with opening balances
  2. Bills and cheques:
    Set up your list of suppliers and outstanding invoices
    Process supplier invoice and debit memos
    Process payments and print cheques
    Printing accounts payable reports
  3. Customers and Invoicing
    Set up your customer list and outstanding invoices
    Process sales, credit memos and print invoices
    Process sales receipts
    Printing accounts receivable reports
  4. Payroll:
    Set up employee records and YTD earnings/deductions
    Process payroll transactions and printing pay cheques
    Source Deduction Remittance
    Payroll reports
  5. Inventory:
    Set up inventory items
    Inventory adjustments and transfers
    Inventory Reports
  6. Projects, Jobs and classes
    Set up project, and jobs ledger
    Distributing A/P, A/R and Payroll transactions against a project
    Project Reporting
  7. Bank reconciliation
    Bank recalculation adjustments
    Bank reconciliation report