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Training and Consulting in Windows, PowerPoint, Publisher, QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, Office, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Crystal Reports, Planet Press, Iguana, Chameleon, HL7.

Software School

VISIO (6 hrs)

Pre-requisites: Windows Skills or Windows Course

Course Outline:

a) Starting
b) Templates
c) Stencils
d) Shapes
e) Screen
2) Building a simple Chart
a) Connecting Shapes
b) Selecting shapes, handles and basic graphic manipulation
c) Formatting
d) Adding Text and Titles
3) Advanced Formatting
a) Viewing
b) Manipulating and Moving Shapes
c) Merging
d) Styles
e) Aligning
f) Special Effects
4) Organizing your drawing
a) Pages
b) Linking a shape
c) Grouping
5) Final Preparations
a) Previewing
b) Page Setup
c) Exporting
d) Printing