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Training and Consulting in Windows, PowerPoint, Publisher, QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, Office, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Crystal Reports, Planet Press, Iguana, Chameleon, HL7.



Windows  level 1 (Introduction)


Prerequisites: None



For the new Windows user. An introduction to what Windows  is and how it works. Includes the basics on a window's components, moving windows on screen, opening files and programs and working with files and folders.


- What is an operating system

- Using the Windows Desktop
- Running Programs and managing the Windows they run in

Reusing data: Cut, Copy and Paste

File Management
- Saving and using files
- Using Computer to View and access files and folders


Windows  Level 2


Prerequisites: Windows  skills


Outline: The focus for this workshop is in File Management and customizing.


Use the Windows Explorer:
- create and manage file folders
- copy, move, rename and delete files.
- search for files.

Manage the Desktop and START menu:
- Add and delete shortcuts to programs, files and folders
- Control screen features - screen savers, task bar, backgrounds.

Learn the ins and outs of Dynamic data exchange (DDE) and Object Embedding and Linking (OLE) or for us regular folks - "How to cut and paste and know whether or not it worked."

Install and remove software